Don’t Wait for your Nomination to Look Red Carpet Ready.

My girlfriends and I were discussing our New Year’s resolutions over cocktails last week. They started off pretty typical; lose weight, spend more time in the gym, hike more often blah blah blah same old boring things.

Then I had an epiphany. All of the resolutions we were talking about were things that would boost our self confidence. I thought, what if in 2009 we resolved to never leave the house without looking our best?!? Seems simple enough, but as we discussed it, we started realizing how often we get up in the morning and run errands wearing sweatsuits, no makeup, and our hair uncombed.

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself thinking I hope I don’t run into someone I know.

My friends and I decided that in 2009 we were going to eliminate this notion. We vowed that no matter where we go, we are going to spend a little time getting ready. A little time on what to wear, a little time putting on some makeup and doing our hair.

I am now 5 days into this resolution, and I must tell you what a confidence boost this has been for me! Taking the extra time every morning has helped me take so much more pride in my appearance and I have been going throughout my day more confident and feeling ready to conquer the world.

So join me in this resolution to live your life with more confidence and spontaneity and make EVERYDAY a red carpet day.

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  • Anne Says

    Wonderful blog! I completely relate to running errands in my jogging suit and hoping that I don’t run into anyone.

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