Hair color just like most aspects of our lives come with their fair share of stereotypes – raging red heads, bubbly blondes and who can forget brilliant brunettes.

Raging Reds:

Redheaded women are known to be feisty, hotheaded women. Not to mention sexpots, femme fatales, and the wild bunch of the color family. Reds garnish a slew of nicknames – ginger, carrot top, flame siren and those are just to name a few. These tough girls are actually a very rare breed, with only 3% of the population having fiery locks. Reds are the head turners directly between flighty blondes and moody brunettes. When you see a red head walking down the street, what do you stop to think about? Personally, I think there’s a women who’s not afraid to have fun and get noticed. You may have heard the popular myth that red hair is a dying breed and is likely to fade out of human genetics. The National Geographic who started the rumor, can be quoted as saying “while redheads may decline, the potential for red isn’t going away.” Scientists and hairdressers agree reds are here to stay. Born or bottled red heads rule!!

Famous Fiery Beauties: Queen Elizabeth I, Carol Burnett, Rita Hayworth, Lindsey Lohan, Lucille Ball, Debra Messing, Wilma Flintstone, Molly Ringwald, Annie and my favorite the famous Weasley family in Harry Potter.

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