Find a Reason to Celebrate!

We at Crowned Studio salon love to find an excuse to celebrate any occasion and when we do, who do we call??

Suzanne The Party Girl!

She loves celebrating life, love and accomplishments! With over 10 years of experience planning parties, fashion shows, and windows for Nordstrom, a specialty retailer, she now plans and coordinates parties for a living!

Suzanne The Party Girl, LLC, is an event planning company that specializes in weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and all other celebratory events. Depending on your planning needs and budget, Suzanne will customize a package that best suits you and your desires for your event. Each and every client deals directly with Suzanne throughout the entire planning process.

She has a genuine passion for helping her clients create events that are a true reflection of who they are while ensuring that they and their guests enjoy a marvelous event. Suzanne believes every event is an opportunity to express the client’s personality and vision. At Suzanne The Party Girl, they help all of their guests create unique events that will be remembered and cherished by all.

Phil Crosby Photography

We’re looking forward to hosting our next extravaganza with Suzanne! Follow our blog for all emerging details!

Suzanne Carvlin
Call Her: 818.216.8542
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