Hair-O-Types | Part 2

Bubbly Blondes:

Everyone knows the stereotype that blondes have more fun, which is my personal favorite being the fierce blonde that I am. Aside from having more fun, these golden goddesses are also branded as flighty, bubbly and unintelligent. However, the dumb blonde jokes are a thing of the past! Now, blondes are perceived as powerful, independent and just as sexy as any other color.

Not surprisingly out of all these wonderful fair haired beauties, only about 1 in 50 is sporting their birth color. This sun kissed hair tends to require more attention to keep it looking glamorous and healthy. This gives the impression that being blonde equates to the personalty type of being high maintenance. Our yellow locks convey happiness and evokes the memory of fun, sunny days on the beach.

When its all said and done, no matter how hard we blondes try, we will always be the butt of the jokes. So I find it most fitting to conclude with a blonde joke…

Q: What is the difference between a smart blonde and bigfoot?

A: Bigfoot has been spotted!

Famous Blondes:
Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Heigl, Alice in Wonderful, Veronica Lake, Gene Harlowe, Gwen Stefani, Twiggy, Bridgette Bardeaux, Blondie and last but not least Cinderella

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