The Pretty Movement

Fashion and hairstyles seem to move in different circles. The beauty industry is always a few years ahead of the fashion industry. Could that mean the beauty industry is the leader? Two years ago chunky, distressed, choppy were the buzzwords around the salon, and now they are the buzzwords around the local fashion boutiques.

The chunkier the watch, the more distressed the jeans, and the choppier the top the more in vogue you are…

The irony is hair and make-up are now moving towards the prettier, softer side as fashion is moving into the intentional worn look. The softer make-up and shinier hair puts you at the head of the beauty class.

The make-up industry is moving towards pinks, soft browns, light shimmers, and bronzes. No more deep harsh reds. Gone are the hard charcoal colored eyes in exchange for the softness of feathered colors. Blush is no longer an angry streak across your face but now is a gentle stroke of pink or terra cotta.

The hair color movement is now soft browns, shimmer redheads, and soft contrast blonds. The days of chunky and high contrast hilites are gone. Haircuts are focusing on soft layers, pretty blowouts with a shinny hair finish. Even styling products are following this movement by offering more products that smooth and add shine.

Men’s hair styles are following suit, the spiky hard look is fading. Now it is soft texture and clean cut that is emerging.

The mainstream fashion industry is unable to as fast as the beauty industry, so it will be next season when we start to see THE PRETTY MOVEMENT. If you look towards couture lines and fashion shows abroad you will see the emergence of the soft tailored clothes and smooth textures.

What do you wear on the street? This is what gets brought into the salon and those of us in the beauty industry see that Pretty will be around for a while.

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