Retail Therapy versus Beauty Therapy

We’re told that in times of economic uncertainty the service industries take the hardest hit. We see the pattern of increased time between each hair cut and/or color. More so there is a trend to forgo beauty services in order to buy new shoes or work attire.

Studies have shown that the way you look has a direct impact on how you feel, so it is only natural that we spend money on the things that we deem give us the look we want. The question becomes, what yields the value for your dollar? The answer is your hair.

If you have $150 to spend new shoes and you wore those shoes everyday of the week for six weeks then the cost per day would work out to approx $10.71. Now, let’s say you wear them every day except for weekends the price jumps to $15.51 per day.

If you take that same $150 and have your hair done over that same six week period it works out to be $3.57 a day that’s cheaper than a venti latte! Why? Because your hair is a round-the-clock accessory, it’s the only one that goes with every outfit and works for any occasion.

A few other ways we’d never cut corners¦

Airplane travel - Let the crew have time off to sleep. Two international flights in a day…no thanks!

Deodorant – Need we say more?

Plastic surgery – We’ve all seen what a budget face lift looks like!

Hair Plugs – If you can only afford 10…skip it.

Tattoo – It’s a permanent marking. Don’t haggle the guy or gal.

Shampoo and Conditioner – Cheap hair products often have the same detergents as dish soap and typically are not as concentrated as professional products. In the longer run, you can use less of a professional product and have your hair in better condition.

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