One of the great joys of living in Southern California is the beautiful sunny weather! Plus it means that we don’t have to ‘winterize’ our hair for the cold season.

What we do have is plenty of beautiful sunshine, heat and on very rare occasions a bit of humidity! We protect our skin with sunscreen, but seldom do people add a layer of protection to their hair. During these summer days, hair loses natural moisture with the heat. Chlorine and sea salt also have an adverse affect on hair. Basically, summer tends to dry out our hair causing split ends and dulling color.

All these summer hair woes can be easily avoided by ‘Summerizing’ your hair!

- Our stylists recommend 4 to 6 weeks in between cuts and color depending on your hair type. By shortening the time in between visits, even by one week it will give your stylist the opportunity to address splint ends and refresh your color.

- In between visits there are ways to protect your hair. Our hair requires products that have UV protection and add moisture. Even if you don’t color your hair, having a products with SPF protection helps both your natural color and scalp. Adding moisture back to the hair is vital in reducing brittle hair and breakage. Ask your stylist for recommendations on the right type of product for you.

If your tresses have already been lashed by summer, Crowned Studio is proud to introduce our new professional treatment system. Designed to repair, moisturize and add shine! We also have a treatment to give volume to fine or limp hair. We know summer is relentless to our hair, which is why we are introducing our professional treatment system at half price, $25*. Sit back, relax with a scalp massage while your locks are transformed back to their original beauty!

*Regular price is $50 per professional salon treatment. For a limited time these treatments are $25.

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