New Year, New You

Each New Year we spend some time thinking about the past year and what we will do differently.  Always topping the list of resolutions are eat better, exercise and save money.   How often do we keep those up? Only to chastise ourselves 12 months later for not meeting those goals…

If we examined our lives,  we might find that we don’t pay enough attention to our personal happiness as we do to the happiness of those around us.  If we feel that the way we look plays an integral part in our self esteem, why then don’t we break out of the mold from last year?  Maybe introduce a new color in our wardrobe -  this year the “in” color is purple!  A shot of deep, dark purple/violet can be sexy and if it is a light purple/grape can reflect fun.  Sometimes do something different can shake off the cobwebs of last year.  Start anew with a fresh style, a different color or work in a few highlights.

My personal goals are to lighten up,  both literally and figuratively. . .  I’ve added some extra girth, but hey more to love.  Mentally, laugh more and always be the person I am with my daughter.  Plus, now that Crowned Studio is blossoming into the salon I’ve always envisioned; I may take some time off, possibly some long weekends or maybe a even week off to travel with my family.

I wish you all a happy New Year and some personal time for reflection.  Find your own voice and live life the way you really want!

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