Rose Magazine Cover Shoot

RBLOG-APRILCOVER2I was the stylist for the April edition of Rose Magazine’s cover. It was wonderful day spent doing what I love to do, hair. The Los Angeles Arboretum served as our background for the shoot. An absolutely stunning setting, California winters equals flourishing green! I arrived armed with a curling iron and jumped right in. Laura Hughes, our beautiful model, was a dream to work with.

RBLOG-APRILCOVER24We headed out to do the shoot, which was adventurous! I was only armed with a brush and hair spray, but we navigated through geese, ducks, wind, kids playing, land mines(you figure that one out) and even a marching band. One of the best moments was near the end of the shoot when we were stalked by a peacock. Maybe he was eager for a debut. I’m not sure, but he definitely got screen time!

Photo Credit: Rose Magazine Staff Photos

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