We’re Helping Clean Up the Oil Spill

I’ve been to New Orleans many times to teach color classes. I’ve also spent summers on the Gulf side of the Florida panhandle. The oil spill is devastating…the idea that many creatures from the water will not survive and that children can no longer play in the waves is heart breaking. Louisiana and Mississippi will have no shrimp, no clams, no fish…staples in every dish they make.

vacationI spent Mother’s day looking out on the Central California coast after camping for the night with my family and was shocked at all the oil rigs peppering our own coast line. My daughter asked about the oil rigs and we talked about the oil spill in the Gulf. She asked “why did we let this happen?”, but how do you explain greed and politics to an 8 year old? Instead…I explained to her how we’re going to help!

0LogomoftWe shampoo our hair because of the natural oil build up…it turns out that hair is perfect for cleaning up petroleum spills as well. Matter of Trust is a charity organization that is collecting hair from all of the country in order to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. Crowned Studio is now donating all the hair clippings we collect and mailing them out twice a week! Soon they’ll be used in the Gulf soaking up the oil.

Watch Matter of Trust in Action with Hair Cleaning up the Spill!

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