For the Love of Business

At Crowned Studio we are always looking for ways to grow – grow our business, grow our vision and grow our passion. We often share with you our thoughts and ideas which not only include movies, music and fashion, but other local businesses that we love! We support the businesses that we’ve worked with and adore by featuring them on our friends page – we are always looking to expand that part of our site.

I sit on the board of Old Pasadena Management. I love being apart of such a great organization for many reasons. First, I always strive to give back to the community. For me, it is an essential part of being a small business owner. Second, I enjoy meeting other local business owners.

I had a unique experience last week. The women business owners in Old Pasadena met for an old fashioned coffee klatch to share and expand on our perspectives. It was without question the best business meeting that I’ve attended in years. I was so motivated that I talked about it all day and then came home to pen this blog.

Lesson learned:
sharing information is free – new ideas are priceless. I look forward to future meetings with this great group of women!

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