Trends : Then and Now

How did trends start? Most fashion trends start on the streets and are picked up by fashion houses that then turn that style into a runway look that then flows back into the streets. Staying ahead of this cycle means picking up on the trend while it is still on the “street”. Because after it’s on the runway it’s already a year old and both the trendsetters and early adopters have moved on to something else. What that meant for a stylist is that trends in hair came and went so quickly that most people didn’t really get a chance to ride the high of a new look.

However, this is changing because of today’s technology…blogging, viral videos, social networking and more means that the “street trends” are seen by people before the fashion designers have a chance to get it to the runway. Now, the early majority see the trends as they are currently happening. It’s an exciting time in our field because we are able to deliver “trendy” at the same time its happening.

Currently, the biggest trend now in hair color is the variegated color palate – meaning one color at the root and a lighter color mid way and finally a lighter color at the ends. Currently, Christina at Crowned has this style of color.

In styling, the huge trend is feathers in the hair. It is a fun way to add a little color and texture to your look hair for both low cost and low upkeep. Match this with a hair cut that’s layered and loose for a stylish and fashionable look. Also, re-surging are the pompadour looks for both men and women.

The most important thing with trends is having it fit with you and your look. We are always keeping current with the styles and trends in hair fashion. Plus, we always offer free consultations to discuss your style and how adapt a new trend so it works for you.

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