How Important is Healthy Hair?

Summer is brutal on our hair. In fact, the elements can compromise the hair more than any chemical service. Salt, chlorine, the sun’s heat, and ponytails in tight elastic are dangerous enemies to our hair. Salt abrades the hair shaft all the way up to the follicle. Chlorine bleaches hair and expands the cuticle layer so it doesn’t fully close anymore. Hair put up wet (when it is the heaviest and also the weakest) in a ponytail that’s too tight can pull the hair right out of for head.

While for us, summer is a time of relaxation for your mind and body – it is not so relaxing for your hair. This is the time where your salon team can really strut their stuff to you. Before we start any service we take a look at your hair and talk to you. We all want our hair to be strong yet soft, with lots of shine and that’s where we can help. We carry the best products found on the market. Whether you just want a consultation or a deep clarifying treatment to remove the summer elements from your hair – we’re here for you!

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