New Hopes, New Opportunities

Well it’s January and hard to believe another year starts. A new year bring new hopes, new opportunities, and the chance for new beginnings.

At Crowned Studio we look for the new year to update our education and clear our palette of last year’s looks to bring in the new years style. This year – Pantone Color Company has named emerald green as its color of the year. While this will not become a hair color of choice, it does play into what other colors will work with such a beautiful jewel tone. Colors like deep reds, clear blondes and rich browns.

Ombre is still a big, but it is the softer ombres that are trending – the softer blending of color tones. Hair styles are featuring soft layers and the hard edges of last year are becoming softer this year.

This also goes for men’s hair – which will be layered, but softer edges and softer spikes. Men’s color will move away from contrasting two-tone and into a natural blend.

Spikes and rivets are still making a play in fashion as are fantasy and royalty. So look for velvets, long coats, and a lot of detail.

Its and exciting time for us at Crowned Studio since its our passion to look forward into fashion to see where our creativity will take us and you.

We can’t wait to talk to you about all the new looks coming into style.

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